Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraiser FAQs

Any Individual, NGO, Club, Organisation, Start-ups can raise funds through our platform. You should be residing in India or an Indian entity.

Register yourself. After login click on the start a campaign button. You will be presented with a self explanatory form. 

Fill all the relevant fields and click on “submit campaign”. After submitting your campaign please call/whatsapp support no. 

After login go to your dashboard>my accounts>profile and complete your profile. Your campaign won’t be approved unless your profile is complete.

If you’re raising funds for an NGO, you will be required to submit your 12A certificate and 80G certificate. If you wish to receive foreign donations please also share your valid FCRA certificate.

Individuals (medical causes): If you’re an individual looking to raise funds for medical expenses you will be required to submit the patient’s identity details, test reports and invoice (if any), hospital/clinic name doctor’s name & contact details, beneficiary’s bank account details.

Individuals (other causes): For individuals looking to raise funds for other personal causes please share your identity proof and bank account details. It would help your fundraiser if you could provide any other documents that would validate your fundraising need.

To edit your campaign please login and visit your dashboard. Go to dashboard > my campaigns > you can see the list of campaigns started by you. you may click on edit button. As a fundraiser you can edit all the contents of your campaign. 

Similarly to update your campaign, please click on update button.

It is advised that campaigns be updated to build trust among donors. Go to dashboard>my campaigns>update. Share interesting facts to keep the donors engaged. Regular updates reflect diligence of the fundraiser and help garner more funds from both existing & prospective donors.

The maximum duration for any campaign is 3 months.

Yes, your campaign can receive more than the desired goal until the end date. Extra funds for the personal causes can help meet miscellaneous and hidden costs which are usually not accounted for. Extra funds for social and startup causes can help in meeting additional costs or project amendments/ extensions.

Rewards are return gift tokens to show gratitude or provide incentive for donors. It can be a thankyou card, sticker, badge, certificate of participation or appreciation, competition trophy etc., Business start-up’s, Social Entrepreneurs or Innovators can offer their own products as rewards. Rewards can be in 1x multiples. Donors for personal causes of education and health do not expect any such rewards.

To add more than one reward, click on the add button after each reward.

Irrespective of the amount raised, funds will be transferred to your bank account after the Campaign end date. You may choose to revise and rewrite your campaign and start afresh or extend the campaign.

On matter of urgency and emergencies, you may seek immediate remittance. Usually the funds will be transferred to your account as and when your campaign ends.

Tribalzone charges a fee of 5% of the Total funds raised in a Campaign. This fee includes, payment gateway charges, platform fees, processing fees and Adivasi cess. The 0.5% Adivasi cess is a self imposed cess on all commercial activities of Tribalzone Network to be utilised for it’s social development activities.

This fee is deducted from the Total funds raised and the remaining amount is remitted to the Fundraiser’s bank account.

Tribalzone does a background check on the fundraiser and the cause. Thereafter a select team of Tribalzone First Citizens decide whether the cause/project is worthy of completion and has enough merits to be listed in Tribalzone Network. If the campaign has merits but lacks storytelling, then an adviser is attached to guide the fundraiser.

Checklist: The campaign must benefit Adivasi/s. The cause should be genuine. The Fund target should be realistic. The fundraiser for personal causes should be an Adivasi. Images/video should be clear and engaging. The fundraiser/ cause should be backed/ recommended by reputable people of the Adivasi Community. 

To prepare an effective campaign please refer to the “How to Guide” section which can be found in the footer of this page. 

Yes, please connect with Tribalzone at the email or phone no provided in the footer of this page.

Donor FAQs

You can donate through internet banking, credit card, debit card and UPI.

You may share the campaign with your friends in social networks so that it is easier and faster to reach fund goals.

You may also browse and support other campaigns.

Yes, there is no limit to number of contributions. You can always revisit the same campaign and donate again. You may also support multiple campaigns.

While Tribalzone verifies the campaigner and the cause through its network, you may kindly apply your due diligence to check the authenticity of the fundraiser and the cause.

For fundraisers, we publish their social identity. Thus you may also try to check their social posts, pages, likes, friends, followers, stories, etc., to build confidence before donating.

It may so happen that the rewards get delayed. Fundraisers will update such delays or dispatch on the campaign updates. If there is a significant delay or no response from the fundraiser, kindly contact Tribalzone through email or whatsapp.

Yes, wherever the funds are collected by registered organisations. The 80G certificates will be provided by the NGO’s directly. The availability and options for which would already be mentioned in the Campaign. 

For transaction failures,  kindly wait for a few days so that its automatically refunded by the payment gateway.

If its already donated, Tribalzone directly credits the fundraisers. No refunds can be made after the Funds are credited to fundraiser. 

For discrepancies, please contact us, we will take it up separately.

Funds will be transferred to the fundraisers bank account after the Campaign end date. Fundraisers can also withdraw prematurely for emergencies. 

Our platform features secure payment encryption technology. We don’t store any card/banking details of donors.
We take your privacy very seriously and never share your personal information with anyone. You may also choose to be anonymous (to the fundraiser and the public) while making the donation.

Please contact Tribalzone immediately. If the allegations are found true, we will immediately stop the campaign and ban the fundraiser. 

You may use the contact details and social identity of the fundraiser which is published alongside the campaign. 

While you are free to send money directly to the fundraiser or the beneficiary, neither you nor other donors will know the exact status of the funds raised.

If all donations are routed through this platform, the statistics will reveal the true position of the collective effort by all. When a target is reached by collective actions, donors feel motivated to come back and donate more for other causes. Many more fundraisers benefit.

Also, please remember, you are here for the larger cause of Adivasis. You are here to join and network with many other like minded people.

Please support us for this good cause.

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