Collective support to many
deserving students
Lack of funds, lack of access to information, lack of career guidance can derail a well deserving students dream.
Support programs on Academics, Art, Self Defence, Music, Sports & Competitions for Students.
Support School and College dropouts for skill development.
Raise Funds for your Cause
Pool together to save Precious Lives
Many Adivasis die due to lack of funds for hospitalisation.
Help patients who lack funds for high value procedures.
Support Medical Camps with affordable and equitable access to medicines.
Fund innovative ideas to minimize rising healthcare costs.
Raise Funds for your Cause
Many small donations Can Transform our Villages
Help Rural Adivasis to improve their livelihood. Support small farmers to rebuild their lives for regular cash flow.
Empower Rural Youth to become self sufficient.
Fund social entrepreneurs.
Support innovative ideas for food production, storage, trade, transport, manufacture, packaging and market.
Raise Funds for your Cause
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Empower Unemployed Youth

To pursue skill training. Take up Jobs.
Start small business.

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Empower Women

To start micro business.
To save and invest money.

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Empower Students

To pursue higher education.
Join universities.


If you are a registered NGO, TRUST, SOCIETY, interested to work with us and help improve Adivasi lives, Please write to us and share your requirements.